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Inviting Ideas & Suggestions for Tripura State Budget 2020-2021

Start Date: 02-03-2020
End Date: 08-03-2020

The Department of Finance, Govt. of Tripura invites inputs/suggestion from citizens, which will be presented to the appropriate panel for ...

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The Department of Finance, Govt. of Tripura invites inputs/suggestion from citizens, which will be presented to the appropriate panel for incorporation in the State Budget in order to make the State Budget more concrete and beneficial for mass people.

Citizens from all walks of life are welcome to be a part of this democratic exercise. You can submit your suggestions either directly in the comments box or attach a PDF document in the discussion point.
This is one of the continuous effort of the State Government to make its’ decision making process more participative and inclusive.

First phase of comments will be reviewed on 8th March, 2020. However, you can keep posting your comments which may be considered in later phases.

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Santanu Datta 10 months 2 weeks ago

Public health and education should be stressed for tripura state budget 20-21 to make tripura an advanced state of the country. Jan Arogya Yoyana should be introduced to develop public health.


Debanuj Biswas 10 months 2 weeks ago

Sir,I have a suggestion regarding the IT incentive scheme's subsidy in our state.
Till date IT scheme is being implemented through Industry & commerce dept along with Industry Incentive Scheme & no separate budget provision is there for said Scheme. So please bring the IT incentive part under the concerned IT dept. with adequate budget provisions, so that we get the support form govt in fastest way & take the opportunity of all govt initiative towards making digital India programme sucessful.


Ramakrishna Lakshmanan 10 months 3 weeks ago

A significant percentage of total allocation of budget should be allocated to sectors like agriculture sector, rural development sector, education sector and infrastructure development sector. To boost economic growth, growth and development in these sectors is very crucial. Among these sectors, at the least, 15 percent of total allocation should be allocated to agriculture sector and 15 percent should be allocated to rural development sector. 10 percent to infrastructure development sector.


CSC VLE Santanu Saha 10 months 3 weeks ago

Lots of Agriculture field is out of Water harvesting process.
Should create Mandi Bazar for Farmer each district level.
All kind of Tripura Govt. job application should be applied through online also via CSC SPV.
For all exam should conduct online.


Santanu Datta 10 months 3 weeks ago

Rehabilitation and proper settlement arrangement proposal of Mejoram peoples should be reflected in state budget because these peoples are shifted from mejoram to tripura for government accord.